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Personal Skin Decontamination Field Pack

Unavailable - not for sale
Standard houshold cleaners just won't do. The M291 Skin Decontamination Kit consists of a wallet-like carrying pouch containing six individual decontamination packets, enough to perform three complete skin decontaminations. Each packet contains an applicator pad filled with decontamination powder. Operating temperatures are -50 to 120 F and storage temperatures are -60 to 160 F. The M291 allows you to completely decontaminate your skin through physical removal, absorption, and neutralization of toxic agent with no long-term harmful effects. This item is for external use only! It may be slightly irritating to eyes or skin. Be sure to keep the decontamination powder out of eyes, cuts, or wounds, and avoid inhalation of the powder. Decontamination is accomplished by application of a black decontamination powder contained in the applicator pad. Application to skin exposed to contamination is explained in the technical manual.

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